Workplace Inspections

Dangershare offers workplace inspections checking legal compliance, risk management assessments, procedure and policy reviews with recommendations for improvements. These can take the form of regular contracted visits or one off inspections.

Construction site HSE audits

These often take the form of a “Site Health Check” for constructors, investors or end Clients. Whether it is a constructor’s self-check, a fresh set of eyes inspection or for a concerned Client/Owner where the site safety performance is trending poorly and at risk of company reputational damage. Dangershare can complete a full top down site and HSE system inspection delivering a concise report with suggestions and strategies to help improve standards.

Pre-construction site surveys

During early concept and design, there is need for several HSE services to ensure a site location is right for not only the constructor but the local community. Considerations like local infrastructure capability, capacity of utilities, road access limitations and even accommodation availability for transient workers must be addressed and strategies to mitigate any shortcomings developed and put in place, even before funding is applied for.

Local limitations for light or noise emissions will impact design and environmental consents. Other projects planned or consented by local authorities that may have an impact must be investigated and realised. Even migration paths of birds or endangered species in your planned area may need to be professionally assessed and a plan in place before any site commitment is made.

Operational facility commissioning and start up support

Once constructed and operations start to move in, there is often an uncomfortable hand over from construction to commissioning to operations where ownership is very hard for one party to own and can be unclear. Commissioning activities require increased safety focus as interconnected systems become live for the first time and the risk profile changes dramatically within the project. Gases, high pressure systems, high voltage and moving plant and equipment… all this often at a time when some construction is incomplete and ongoing, commissioning activities then highlight modifications needed and operations are pushing to move in. As they do they find elements in design and construction that are incompatible to their operation and maintenance plans.

Add to this the open quality punch list items that need attention, and you have 3 stakeholders requiring access, protection, and coordination. This is where a competent Dangershare team that is Safety biased, but technically electrical and mechanical competent, can step in and problem solve, control, and deliver upgrades, modifications, and hand over in a safe manner. This role often becomes one of pre- mediation.  A group seen as the unemotional “voice of reason” or “common sense” approach that may not suit all parties but is clearly the right solution to the challenges faced.

In a perfect world, this team are already members of the construction and commissioning team and well positioned with equipment knowledge, vendor relationships and Client trust. However, Dangershare also has the resources to move in during this awkward stage of the construction life cycle, implement a system, train all involved parties and bridge the gaps, taking ownership and control, whilst safely streamlining this final high-risk phase.