Health, Safety, Environmental and Security Systems and Tools

DangerShare provides Clients with the following Health Safety Environmental Security systems and tools:

  • COVID Management plans, testing regimes and track and trace systems
  • Site security management and access control; IDO6 and SSG
  • SWEA and OSHA legally compliant HSE planning for projects; HSES Plans & Arbetsmiljöplan
  • BAS-U / BAS-P management
  • Risk registers and Risk management procedures and templates
  • HAZID and HAZOP coordination
  • HSE promotional campaigns and best practice development
  • Recognition and rewards programs

Personnel tracking and protection

In large scale projects, our first request is connectivity. To set up a WI-FI network is key to safety success. It allows fast HSE response, tracking of personnel with wearable technology, allows instant communications for safety and benefits quality, which in our opinion works hand in hand with safety. With Tunnels, mines and super structures, the use of wearables has become key to warning machine operators when personnel are close by, seeing congested work areas or routes and to raise an alarm when a person becomes motion less for more than 2 minutes with their location clearly mapped for fast response. More advanced wearables can give body temperature and heart rate.

Another benefit is that it allows for systems like BIM and other live 3D modelling software. We have the experience and the partners to deliver the system and the results to Clients with the vision and understanding that this is the future of safety.