Incident Response

When things go wrong and a significant incident occurs it is important to act fast and efficiently and, as far as possible, remove all emotion and focus on following a structured protocol. How you act in these high stress moments can greatly limit the impact to anyone injured or at risk, those nearby and the project site and its reputation. Preparation is the key and having the right checklists and procedures that are simple to follow can make all the difference. This is achieved by a clearly defined delegation of responsibility; who does what and when.

What we offer

  • Confidential post incident investigations and reports
  • Lessons learnt coordination and improvement programming
  • Root cause analysis including 5 why / Incident bow tie / SCAT

Your Crisis Management Partner

Assigning personnel to crisis management and training them to manage any situation is vital in todays world where it seems anything can happen. Dangershare can help prepare for the worst case scenarios and also help manage smaller events and near misses to ensure lessons are always learnt and shared constructively. Ensuring a no blame culture, open and honest reporting followed by 360 degree feedback sets a tone in any work environment that clearly demonstrates a strong safety philosophy with every level engaged.