COVID Impact

In the past 24 months it is no secret that COVID 19 has been the largest risk to business and health globally. Despite these challenges we have worked on and continued to develop HSE for some key projects. The experience has been uncomfortable at times, seeing how some clients have managed well whilst others have not. However, this gained knowledge will remain key to enable progress in existing and future planned projects. The lessons learnt continue almost weekly as the world tries to decide which strategy makes the most sense.

COVID risk management

Dangershare personnel have been front line during the Pandemic. All are vaccinated by choice. Our COVID management tasks have been all encompassing.

Strict entry control and requirements, regular testing, welfare spacing, masking, hygiene, mapping of positive cases followed by detailed track trace… then reaching to transportation of sick, alternative “sick” accommodations set up, food supplies coordination, PCR testing, medical monitoring and support.

Building close relations and coordinating with local authorities and communities has been integral in not only the management of COVID, but also the fears that thousands of transient workers can create locally. Dispelling these fears then with up to date data on testing and sharing the robust project COVID strategy to ensure total visibility and transparency.